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PD668H Three Phase Harmonic Panel Meter

Model No.: PD668H

Summary: 3 Phase Harmonic Digital Panel Meter ( 2-31 )

Dimension: 96 x 96 mm

Weight: 650g

  • Description


H series Electronic multi-function harmonic power meter able to measure active and reactive electric energy, harmonic content, with function of digital communication, over-limit alarm, monitoring switch state, electric energy pulse output, and analog value transmit output and other functions. It’s widely used in energy resources management system, transformer substation automation, distribution network automation, residential area, industrial area etc. Convenient installation, easy wiring, convenient maintenance, field programmable set the input parameters, etc.,and will be able to accomplish different PLC and industrial computer network communication.

Specification Parameter
measurement Network 3 Phase 3 Wire、3 Phase 4 Wire
Voltage Rated voltage AC 100V、400V(please note when purchase)
Overload Permanent: 1.2 times; temporary: 2 times/10s
Power consumption < 1VA (each phase)
Impedance > 300kΩ
Accuracy RMS measurement,CLASS 0.5
Current Rated current AC1A、5A(Please note when purchase)
Overload Permanent : 1.2 times temporary : 2 times/10s
Power consumption < 0.4 Va (each phase )
Impedance < 20MΩ
Accuracy RMS Measurement,CLASS 0.5
Frequency 50/60 HZ,accuracy 0.1Hz
Harmonic Volts and current total harmonic content(1-21 times)
Function Active power,reactive power,apparent power,
Accuracy: 0.5 class
Electric energy Four quadrant measurement, plus/minus active power ,plus/minus reactive power
Display Programmable,switching,circular two,three,or four
rows LED display or LCD display.
Power Operation range AC、DC 80~270V
Power consumption ≤ 5VA
Output Digital interface RS-485、MODBUS-RTU protocol
Pulse output Two power pulse relay
Switch value input 4 loops switch value input, Dry node point mode
Switch value output 4 loops switch value relay output
Analog value output 4(2) loops analog value output,4-20mA/0-20mA
Environment Working temperature -10~+55℃
Store temperature -20~+75℃
Safety Voltage withstand Input and power > 2kV,
Input and output > 2kV,
Power and output > 1kA
Insulation Input,output,power supply to machine hull >5M

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