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Motor and Pump Frequency Inverter

Model No.: VFD-V

Specification: Single phase or Three phase

Range: AC 0.4kw to 315kw

Control Mode: Eight-step speed control, PID control, and traverse control.

COM.: Offering RS485 serial communication interface and a standard Modbus communication agreement.

  • Description

JJR2 Series motor pump soft starter

Product Description

Technical Specification

Three Control Modes: Sensor-less vector control (SVC), V / F control, torque control;
Starting Torque: Sensor-less vector control : 0.5Hz / 150% (SVC);
Optional built-in DC reactor helps 18.5KW-90KW inverter to improve the input power
factor measurement, overall efficiency and stability;
0.75-15KW built-in brake unit, for quick stop, braking resistor can be connected directly;
16 segments Simple PLC, multi-speed control and PID control;
Supports multiple frequency setting: Digital ; Analog ; PID ; Communication etc;
Support START and STOP DC Breaking ;
Input and output terminals are freely programmable, user can combine variety of operating
modes based on working needs ;
Jump frequency control function to avoid mechanical resonance, make the system more
stable and reliable;
Non-stop function after momentary power failure;
Wake-up delay setting; Over-torque detection;
Variety of up-Limit frequency setting source selection;
Able to u se two-way shift function key to view real-time parameters;
Speed tracking restart function: achieve no impact and smooth start on rotating motors;
QUICK / JOG function: user-define multifunction key-shortcuts, by setting this parameter
can quickly review corrected or other relevant function code;
Automatic voltage regulation function, effectively solve problem of high-power motor
low-frequency oscillations ;
With oscillation suppression function;
Variety fault protection such as over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat,
phase loss, over-load protection.

Main Application

Plastic and chemical fiber extrusion equipment;
Metalworking machinery: lathes, milling machines, planer, grinder;
Building materials: cement, glass master transmission equipment;
Rubber Machinery;
Wire and cable extrusion equipment;
Boiler drums, Fan, coal mine ventilation machines;
Central air-conditioning energy saving;
Live oilfield pumps, pumps;
Energy-saving air compressor;
Circulating pumps, water supply pump, Water Supply.

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Packaging & Shipping

MOQ 1pcs
Package 100pcs per carton
Size 46.5x26x27mm
Gross Weigth 13Kg

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