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JJR2 Series motor pump soft starter

Model No.: JJR2

Specification: Single phase or Three phase

Range: AC 50HZ,380V,660V,11~500KW

Control Mode: Five kinds of start mode:

Application: Offering RS all kinds of load of the squirrel-cage motor

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JJR2 Series motor pump soft starter

Product Description


Five kinds of start mode:

1.Ramp voltage starting: In general which use for starting stationary higher Occasions,output voltag wavefom.

2.Current limit starting : In general which use for strict requirement for starting Current ,the motor current changes waveform.

3.The sudden jump of 10 ramp voltage starter: For heavy-duty too much motor can not turn due to static friction occasions.

4.The sudden jump of 10 current limit starting : For heavy- duty too much motor can not Turn due to static friction occasions.

5.Heavy load and Strong shock starting: For difficult to start when heavy-load


-Applicable motor : squirrel-cage type three-phase asynchronous motor,motor rated power should match with the soft starter.

-Starting frequency : Does not require, the specific number of times depending on load conditions.

-Cooling method: Natural air-cooled.

-Various protection function : over current,three phase current not balance,over hot,lack phase,motor overload.

-Dynamic fault memory function,easy to find fault reason,which can remember less than 5 fault reasons

-I t can find starting current and max operation current online

-LCD display


-Standard : conformed to GB14048.6--2008 5.5-600KW CCC certification

-EN60947-4-2: 2000 5.5-320KWH CE certification

-GB8898-1997 CCEE Safety certification

-ISO9001-2002 international quality system authentication

-Degree of protection : IP20

-Environmental conditions: Below an altitude of 3000m,environmental temperature -25°C~+40°C,

rated humidity ≤ 90%,

-Non-condensing,non-flammable,explosive,easy to corrosive gases,

-Non-conductive dust,well-ventilated indoor vibration is less than 0.5G place

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Packaging & Shipping

MOQ 1pcs
Package 100pcs per carton
Size 46.5x26x27mm
Gross Weigth 13Kg

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