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Three Phase Credit Electricity Meter

Model No.: DTSY866

Specification: Three Phase Four Wire

Meter Type: Electronic

Display: LCD, 6+2 digits, Eg.: 123456.78 kWh

Usage: Buy electricity FIRST, USE second, after run out of power if the user does not continue to buy electricity, the meter will automatically cut off,

Life Span: 10 Years.

Size: 228x144x72mm

  • Description

DTSY866 Single Phase Prepayment Energy Meter

Product Description



Wall mounted, Three screw fixed installation

Enclosure Material:

ABS Anti-flaming with PC transparent window Anti-UV

Energy Record :

1. The Non-volatile memory shall have a minimum retention time of 10 years

2. Forward and Reverse Active energy consumption

Standard :

1. IEC62052-11: 2003 ; IEC62053-21:2003


1. Direct connection Up to 100A

2. Current Transformer Type 1.5(6)A

Communication: RS485 & Infrared (Optonal)

By RS485 cable within 1000m you can read energy data


1. DLT645-1997 with Far infrared communication

2. MODBUS-RTU widely used in foreign countries (Baud rate: 1200bps ~ 9600bps)

Technical Parameters:

Class 1.0
Rated voltage
3*57/110, 3*110/220, 3*220/380, 3*230/400, 3*240/415, etc
Operation voltage range
Insulation capabilities

AC voltage withstand 2kV for 1 minute

Impulse voltage withstand 4kV - 1.2/50μs waveform

Rated current
3*1.5(6)A, 3*5(30)A, 3*10(60)A, 3*20(80)A, 3*30(100)A
Operation current range
0.05Ib~ Imax
Starting current
Rated frequency
50Hz or 60 Hz
Internal power consumption
Voltage Circuit ≤1.0W 5VA; Current Circuit ≤1VA(Ib)
Optical coupler (So corresponding to DIN 43864)
Impulse valence Ra
0,5 or 1.0 Wh/imp
Max. operation temperature
-25°C ~ +70°C
Relative humidity
≤ 85%

Our Services

We supply product with good quality and serivces as:

1. OEM

2. ODM

3. HUABANG Distributor

Packaging & Shipping

MOQ 1pcs
Package 100pcs per carton
Size 46.5x26x27mm
Gross Weigth 13Kg

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