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Single Phase Three Wire Static Kwh Meter

Model No.: DDS228B

Specification: Single Phase Three Wire

Maximum Current: 10-100A

Display: Analog 5 digits

Usage: 60Hz Active Energy Consumption ( Class 1.0 )

Life Span: 10 Years

Size: 155x110x58 mm

  • Description

DDS228B  Single Phase Three Wire Watt Hour Meter

Product Description


Single phase thre wire watt hour meter used to measure 60Hz active energy consumption ( Forward active + Reverse active )

It has good resistance electromagnetic interference performance, low power loss

Three screws fix or board mounted; Using advanced technology, ensure quality, stability and long life time use


Dimension: 155x110x58mm

Display:Analog display 5digits ( 99999 kWh )

Impulse: 1600imp/kWh Change according to the ampere

Standard configuration pulse output passive ( polarity )

Standard working voltage: AC110/220V ,  60Hz  (Frequency)

Current: 10(100)A

Non-volatile memory have at least retention energy data for 10 years

Running with no load:  Un 85~115% it should not have more than one pulse

Starting current: Class 1.0  0.4%Ib  According to IEC62052-11:2003; IEC62053-21:2003

Factory Production Stardard: ISO9001:2008

Meter testing protocol: CE-LVD   CE-EMC

Meter Case:  PC Anti flaming

Connection diagram:   LNNL

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Meter Diagram and Meter connection:

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Packaging & Shipping

MOQ 1pcs
Package 100pcs per carton
Size 46.5x26x27mm
Gross Weigth 13Kg

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