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Single Phase Din Rail KWH Meter

Model No.: DDM30SC

Specification: Single Phase Two Wire

Maximum Current: 50A

Display: LCD 6+1 digits, Eg.:123456.7kwh

Usage: Measure 50Hz or 60Hz Active energy consumption

Life Span: 10 Years

Size: 90mm*66mm*17.5mm

  • Description

DDM30SC Single Phase DIN Rail Digital Energy Meter

Product Description

Product overview:

Modular DIN Rail Products offer a wide range of functions to be integrated in electrical installations with significant benefits for the user. It is designed for high level performance and are safe and fast to install.
The DIN rail mounted electricity meters are available in two product lines: single phase metering and three phase metering.
The meters are available in several configurations to suite many applications.

With the increasing energy cost, measuring of the electricity consumption is getting more and more important.
If you can identify where you have your use you are one step closer to reducing your energy cost.
HUABANG have a complete range of DIN-mounted electricity meters for different applications, together with a wide range of communication options. The meters are quick and easy to install due to their DIN-rail mounting.


Single phase two wire DIN rail watt hour meter is used to measure active energy consumption ( kWh )

Din Rail energy meter is a new modern smart meter, single phase ( 1 modular ) using advanced technology, ensure quality and stability, also has good resistance electromagnetic interference performance, low power consumption.

Advantages: small size, light weight, high precision, suitable for office building and shipping mall, Distribution box.


Mounted: 35mm standard DIN rail installation

Dimension: 1 modular 18mm width. 90mm length, 66mm height

Display: LCD display 6+1 digits ( 99999.9 kWh )

Energy meter test impulse: 2000imp/kWh (LED flash)

Standard configuration pulse output passive ( polarity )

Standard working voltage: AC220V ~ AC240V , 50Hz (Frequency)

Standard current range 5-32A

Non-volatile memory have at least retention energy data for 10 years

Meter accuracy Class 1.0 according to IEC62052-11; IEC62053-21


Optional Function

1.Optional voltage: 110V 120V 60Hz

2. Optional Current: 5(50)A

Our Services

We supply product with good quality and serivces as:

1. OEM

2. ODM

3. HUABANG Distributor

Meter Size Dimension:

Meter connection Diagram:

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Packaging & Shipping

MOQ 1pcs
Package 100pcs per carton
Size 46.5x26x27mm
Gross Weight 13Kg

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