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Bangladesh Single Phase Neutral Missing Energy Meter

Model No.: DDS228-BD

Specification: Single Phase Two Wire

Maximum Current: 60A, 100A

Display: LCD 6+2 digits

Usage: 50Hz or 60Hz Active Energy Consumption ( Class1.0 )

Life Span: 10 Years

Size: 202 x 144 x 60mm

  • Description

♦ Installation: Front board three fixed installation

♦ Meter Case: Transparent Poly-carbonate anti flaming

♦ Extended Temrinal Cover with seal prevent user change wiring

♦ Display: LCD display 6+2 digital

♦ Four LED display : Rev., Pulse, Tamper, Power

♦ Tamper proof function: wiring change, Neutral missing

♦ Active energy (kWh) with Max demand (kW), interval length of 15m 30, 60mins

♦ Embed with battery can be operate during main power failure

♦ Forward active energy and reverse active energy measurement

♦ Meter comply with international standard IEC62053-21 & IEC62052-11

♦ Dimension: 114mm width, 202mm length, 60mm height

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